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What Makes Safe Harbor Different?

Safe Harbor Term goes beyond a simple death benefit.

Safe Harbor Term was built to be highly competitive term life insurance product that actually provides MORE than just a death benefit.  It provides some of the best living benefits in the industry with Critical, Chronic, and Terminal Illness accelerated riders built in to the product at no additional cost to your client!  If providing top living benefits wasn't enough, Safe Harbor Term utilizes the most efficient underwriting process helping clients get a quicker turnaround without having to submit to a stranger for blood and urine samples.

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Does Your Term Do This?



Turn around times

Safe Harbor Term Express is designed for SAME DAY OFFER.
Within minutes of turning in the application you and your client will know if they
have been accepted.
If accepted, the policy is put in force and will be issued and ready for delivery. 

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Comments on "uniqueness"

Safe Harbor Term is a cost effective way for a family to not only protect against an untimely death of a bread winner BUT also offers protection in the event of a serious or chronic illness.
Therefore, a client does NOT have to die for benefits to be paid out. 
Safe Harbor Term and Safe Harbor Term Express also include an Unemployment Rider that waives premium payments for 6 months if involuntary job loss occurs.

Benefits if diagnosed with Critical Illness

Accelerate up to 95% of the death benefit if the client is diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, cancer, renal failure, major organ transplant or ALS. 1, 2

Critical Illness Benefit

Benefits if diagnosed with Chronic Illness

Accelerate up to 95% of your death benefit early if you are certified by a Physician as being unable to perform at least two Activities of Daily Living (bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting, transferring) or if you require substantial supervision due to severe cognitive impairment. 1, 2

Chronic Illness Benefit

Benefits if due to Terminal Illness

Accelerate up to 95% of your death benefit if you are diagnosed as terminally ill with a life expectancy of one year or less.

Terminal Illness Benefit

Benefits for 6 months due to involuntary job loss...

Waives 6 months worth of premium in the event you become unemployed for at least 4 weeks.  This rider is automatically included for issue ages 18-60! 3

Unemployment Rider


pencil.pngSafe Harbor has 2 products. 

image008.pngSafe Harbor Term

  • Non-medical - does not require a paramedical exam up to $500,000!
  • Underwriting classes: Standard Non-Tobacco & Standard Tobacco. Substandard ratings are also available.

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image003.pngSafe Harbor Term

  • Simplified Issue Underwriting - no paramedical exam up to $400,000 of coverage.
  • Immediate underwriting decisions are available via teleunderwriting service
  • Underwriting classes: Standard Non-Tobacco & Standard Tobacco (Accepts Insureds up to table 4)

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Competitive payouts

guyMoney-whitesm.pngThe average top level commission for a Term Insurance agent is 80% of the first year premium. 
Without sacrificing ANY benefits to your client,
Safe Harbor is paying TRIPLE DIGIT COMMISSION on first year premium to our agents.5

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Ease of doing business


Once you are approved to sell Safe Harbor Term, you can deal DIRECTLY with the insurance company to submit your applications and review status. Safe Harbor makes it easy by providing you direct access to carrier-staff to get applications, have underwriting questions answered, and check on the status of your policies.  Whether you sell face to face or over the phone, Safe Harbor Term provides you a direct connection to the resources you need to be successful. 

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boxingbearright.pngSafe Harbor Term is a BUNDLED product maximizing HUGE savings to customers.  When compared to a low cost Term Life Product, a Critical Illness policy and a Long Term Care policy, clients may prefer the more efficient protection from the Safe Harbor Term.

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Get The Word Out


Marketing, Custom Presentation, Quoting and taking the Application
Once you are trained on the product, and contracted to sell it, you need to start to market. In our Consumer Vault you will find the latest in marketing materials to connect you with more prospects. From video and brochures to mailers and email templates - we have you covered.

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