Underwriting Class: Low Band checkmark.jpg

Low Band and High Band available based on issue age and face amount. Rates and underwriting vary by band.1


  • Lump sum death benefit paid to policy beneficiary(ies)
  • Term periods and issue ages (last birthday):
    • 10 year: Ages 18-80
    • 15 year: Ages 18-70
    • 20 year: Ages 18-65
    • 30 year: Ages 18-55 (non-tobacco)
    • Ages 18-50 (tobacco)
  • Two bands available (Low Band and High Band)
    • Band is determined by your issue age and face amount selected
    • Rates and underwriting vary by band
    • Low Band (non-medical) does not require a paramedical exam
    • High Band (simplified paramedical) requires a simple exam consisting of height, weight, blood pressure, oral swab
  • Four included riders provide living benefits in case of chronic illness, critical illness, terminal illness or unemployment
  • Optional rider for Accidental Death available for an additional premium


  • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing or monthly bank draft
  • Premiums are guaranteed not to increase during term period
  • You can continue coverage after the term period until age 100 at annually renewable rates2
  • Policy fee = $72/year
  • Premiums dependant on frequency of billing3

  • Standard
  • Substandard
  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco Substandard


• Minimum and maximum face amounts by issue age:

  • 18-50 $50k - $400k  
  • 51-60 $50k - $300k  
  • 61-70 $50k - $200k  
  • 71-80 $50k - $100k  

 • At breakpoint between Low and High, client can choose one or the other.